MMVAF 2015


The inaugural Maroochy Music and Arts Festival was a resounding success, brimming with great bands, cold beer and plenty of fan girling Happy

With only one main stage there was no mad rush to make it to the other side of the site to catch the last ten minutes of a band, a sense of community was naturally formed in having everyone together. The feedback has been unanimous, f*** that was epic 

Each detail of the festival set-up allowed guests to wander the grounds and collect their own experiences and stories. There was a mutual respect for the sight of illuminated white bunnies that seemed like the symbolism of dreams, of trees being hugged by romantic crocheted clothing, of sofas sprawled across lawns and of partaking in the intimate process of hoisting a complete stranger onto your shoulders – it all made sense to be at the MMVAF The Creative Issue

Music and art lovers implore you to do it all again next year, if not for these reasons, then just to hear someone say "What am I up to? Just walking next to some giant rabbits, man" once more Sunshine Coast Daily


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2015 Artists

Hiatus Kaiyote

Amanda Parer

Susan Bohmer




Conrad Square

Jay Beez

One Day


Bertie Blackman

Gerrard King

Thom Stuart


The Zookeeper

DZ Deathrays

Wintercroft (UK)