What To Bring


  • Your ticket
  • ID: Our festival is strictly 18+. All patrons will require an accepted form of photo ID, proof of age that will need to be carried with them at all times. This will be checked throughout the festival and will be required to get through the gates.
  • Accepted forms of ID include a current valid Australian driver’s license, current passport, Government issued Proof of Age Card, an international driver’s license.
  • Sun protection
  • Cash: ATMs and PayWave (at the bar) are available, but it’s handy to have cash just in case. Cash is king.
  • Awesome attitudes
  • Empty, clear, water bottle - we will have water stations
  • Fancy dress complete with Wintercroft mask
  • Prepare for four seasons, but leave the umbrellas at home.
  • A folding picnic chair: Come in early, pick a spot, settle in for the day! Don't act like an idiot with it though or it will be taken off you xxx


  • Glass of any kind
  • Cans including aerosols
  • Alcohol: No BYO alcohol, it forms part of our liquor license. If found with BYO alcohol you will be ejected from the festival site without a refund. Don’t risk it.
  • Illegal drugs
  • Food: There’ll be plenty of water stations and food stalls onsite, including gluten free stuff (if required for food allergy / medical purposes please contact )
  • Your pre intoxicated mates, If you arrive wasted you will not be permitted.  This is a licenced site.
  • Weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Laser lights
  • No liquids of any kind (empty plastic bottles ok) 
  • Marquees
  • Professional cameras that have a removable lens: Please respect our artists and do not record their performances. Still cameras are A-OK, for private use only.
  • Anything sharp or pointed such as studded belts, wristbands or collars
  • Camelbacks or bladder type backpacks
  • Umbrellas (gumboots and plastic ponchos are better), flags with banners, anything that may block peoples view
  • Anything that may be used as a weapon
  • Dickheads: They're no fun, leave them at home.